About us

Currently, more than 1.7 billion people have no access to electricity, they live "off-grid".

fosera knows of the needs of those people and desings devices which ensure regular and clean power generation by using high quality solar batteries.

fosera was founded in 2011, its headoffice beeing located near Ulm at Illerkirchberg, while subsidiaries have opened all around the world.

High quality Pico-Solar-Home-Systems for light generation, phone charging, powering of radios and TVs are of main interest to fosera. These systems are typically used in rural areas to give independent access to modern energy. Special features of the products consist of Li-Battery technology, ultra-efficient LEDs and the modular system design, which allows the system to grow with the demand of the user.


Our Business Way

High Quality!

fosera delivers the best products with high quality components. With German know-how the technology used is efficient and effective. fosera has the best battery and battery management systems.

German engineering!

As an embodiment of German engineering, fosera guarantees very high quality standards. All fosera products are developed and designed by German engineers.

Long life!

fosera systems have extremely long lives due to their LiFePo batteries and unique system design. The lifetime for solar panels and LEDs is more than 15 years. The batteries last 6-10 years and can be replaced.

Bright light and long lighting hours!

The fosera lamps are very bright and can be used for many hours. The lamps and LEDs are designed in a very efficient way. The lamps also only use high quality LEDs that have a lifetime of 25 years or more.


The fosera systems have a unique modular concept that allows you to combine different systems. Every system can power a lamp, and charge a mobile phone and a radio. The LSHS can also power a TV, beamer and notebook.


Due to the high quality and technical know-how, fosera has a 3-year warranty on all electronic products and a 2-year warranty for the batteries.