Pico Solar System Field Test in Ethiopia

Posted on: Tuesday, 20 August 2013 in Stories

A field test was conducted by Manuel Danner in Ethiopia in the area around Adama to test the BOP and to evaluate the local market and collect user feedback.

Part of this field test was to look into remote villages further away from the towns and cities. The goal was to reach end users that live more than a day trip by foot or horse from the next electricity grid and that do not have regular access to electricity and markets.

This was also a good opportunity to advertise and promote the idea of Pico Solar Systems and to create awareness in this area by showing people living in rural areas that it is possible to get clean lighting and clean energy to charge mobile phones, radios, fans etc. at a cheaper cost than they can get with conventional sources such as a generator, candles or kerosene lamps.

This field trip into very remote rural areas could only be done by horse and on foot in cooperation with locals that could act as guides and to promote the Pico Solar Systems. The Pico Solar Systems group was very well received in these rural villages and people showed great interest in buying such systems for their own households. During this field test and research in the remote villages it became very clear that maintenance of Pico Solar Systems is a crucial part in guaranteeing satisfied customers and a growing market. For example, in one of the remote villages accessed on horseback it was found that several families had invested in poorly installed, low quality systems at quite a high cost.

Pico Solar System Field Test in Ethiopia