fosera BLUE LINE Mobile One

fosera BLUE LINE Mobile One

The fosera Mobile One has been carefully developed according to German engineering standards. It is a LiFePO4-based flashlight with an integrated solar home system.

Thanks to its 3 modes of brightness, up to 200 lm, you can adjust the light according to your needs.

More than just a light, it can also power an additional FOSERA lamp or radio, and charge a mobile phone.

On the go, you can charge it using its solar panel or even on your laptop or via any USB port. And check the state of charge with the front indicator.

Its unique three cornered design and hanging hole makes it easy to stabilize the Mobile One for hands-free use. You can of course hang it to be used as a ceiling lamp.


  fosera Mobile One
System voltage 3.25 V
System capacity 3.20 Ah
Module peak power 2.5 W
Illuminance (bright mode) 200 lm
Illuminance (intermediary mode) 88 lm
Illuminance (dimmed mode) 16 lm
Full battery runtime (bright mode) 5 h
Full battery runtime (intermediary mode)

10 h

Full battery runtime (dimmed mode)

60 h