The Pico Solar Home System (PSHS) is an autonomous and mobile energy system that can be used for rural electrification.

Efficient appliances can be connected to the system including table lamps, fans, radios, and phone chargers.

The PSHS can power several bright lights for many years without having to replace batteries or lamps, can power radios and cooling fans, and can charge mobile phones.

If demand grows, the fosera system can grow as well. The unique modular system design allows parallel connection of up to four fosera systems to meet growing energy demand. This parallel connection is very simple; by plugging in one connector cable the additional fosera power pack will work perfectly in sync with the primary system.

The PSHS is also available with a USB plug for the universal use of charging devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players and computers. Several lamps, a phone charger, and a radio are currently available. Engineers are constantly creating new designs to expand the product range.


  PSHS 2800 PSHS 4200 PSHS 7000
System voltage 3.25 V 3.25 V 3.25 V
System capacity @ C10 3 Ah 4.5 Ah 7.5 Ah
Module peak power 1.5 W 2.5 W 6 W
Module current (IMPP) 0.34 A 0.58 A 1.33 A
Lamps included fosera lamp 100 fosera lamp 200 fosera lamp 200
Possible loads phone charging, Radio, fairy light, fans and many more
Daily operation hours of one light* 7 hrs (lamp 100) 6 hrs (lamp 200) 9.5 hrs (lamp 200)
Recommended number of loads ** 1x lamp 100
1x lamp 50
1x phone charger
1x lamp 200
2x lamp 50
1x phone charger
2x lamp 200
2x lamp 100
1x phone charger
Max. number of loads 4 + USB 4 + USB 4 + USB

 * Operation hours at an average irradiation of 5 kWh/ m²/ day
** phone charge per day ca. 500 mAh, daily operation hours per lamp more than 3 hrs