The fosera SCANDLE system has been carefully developed according to German engineering standards. The SCANDLE was designed to meet one’s everyday needs and can be used for several years.

To ensure maximum power output and reliability, the SCANDLE uses powerful rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. The solar module uses crystalline cell technology in a durable glass and aluminum based encapsulation to increase efficiency under various weather conditions.

The lamp is manufactured with the highest efficiency, long lasting LEDs with brightness comparable to that of 15 – 35 Watt incandescent light bulbs, while consuming only about 4% of the power.

The innovative Plug & Play system allows users to install the parts on their own. The fosera SCANDLE is the first system of its kind that can grow with the demand of the user, as the unique modular design of the system allows users to connect several PSHS systems in parallel.

  fosera SCANDLE 200
System voltage 3.25 V
System capacity 1.4 Ah
Module peak power 1.3 W
Module current (IMPP) 295 mA
Illuminance (bright mode) 150 lm
Daily operation hours (bright mode)* 2.5 h
Daily operation hours (dimmed mode)** 35 h
Full battery runtime (bright mode) 3.5 h
Full battery runtime (dimmed mode) 50 h
Possible loads phone charging, Radio, fairy light,
fans and many more

 *Operation hours at an average irradiation of 5 kWh/m²/day
**Dimmed mode is 8 lm; sufficient for low light use. Operation hours after full battery charge