fosera TV DC TV 15.6'' 12V


fosera Phone Charger

The fosera USB phone charger charges all kind of cell phones or smartphones. It can be used with the fosera PSHS or LSHS.

It is able to charge a phone to 100%.

Due to the fosera USB phone charger the cell phones are super fast charged. For example a normal cell phone with 500 mA battery is charged within one hour.

  fosera Phone Charger
Input voltage 12 V - 15 V
Output voltage 5 V
Output current 500 mA 
  fosera Phone Adapter
Adapter Set 4 Mini USB, Micro USB, Nokia (6101), Nokia (8210)
Adapter Set 10 Mini USB, Micro USB, Nokia (6101), Nokia (8210)
Sony Ericsson (K750), iPhone (4) + iPod, LG (KG90)
Samsung (G608), Samsung (A288), Samsung (D808)


fosera Ceiling Fan

Using the fosera ceiling fan, a pleasant indoor climate can be achieved and the living quality significantly improved. The ceiling fan has a very low energy consumption and can be implemented at moderate costs.

The fosera ceiling fan belongs to the POWER LINE and is powered by the fosera LSHS 13V system. 

  fosera Ceiling Fan
Voltage 12 VDC - 14 VDC
Power source fosera LSHS
Diameter 42 cm
Power 4.0 W
Current 310 mA
Speed 290 rpm
DC plug 3.5 / 1.35, male, inside positive - outside negative
Cable 22 AWG, 6 m, switch incl.
Weight With cable: 374 g / without cable: 238 g
Operation temperature 0°C ~ 35°C