fosera school electrification kits

fosera school electrification kits

Key benefits of fosera lighting kits.

fosera LSHS systems are designed as modular systems, which allows an individual concept for all classroom sizes, but without expensive and complicated system dimensioning.

Thanks to our easy "Plug & Play" function, the fosera lighting service for one classroom can be installed within only one day by two persons.

Due to the latest technological developments in energy efficiency, fosera school lighting kits can provide light and simoultanously charge tablet computers and data projectors.


  fosera school electrification kits
classroom lighting edition  modern teaching edition  perfect learning edition
Number of LSHS boxes 2 3 5
Nominal system voltage 13 V 13 V 13 V
Module technology crystalline silicon crystalline silicon crystalline silicon
Lamps included 7 tubelights 400 7 tubelights 400 7 tubelights 400
Illuminance 7 lamps á 380 lm 7 lamps á 380 lm 7 lamps á 380 lm
Teaching equipment - netbook and data projector netbook and data projector
Perfect teaching environment - - 2 ceiling fans
Cable length (panel to LSHS Box) 12 m 12 m 12 m
Cable length (LSHS Box to lamp) 6 m, incl. switch 6 m, incl. switch 6 m, incl. switch
USB outlet 2*USB 500 mA output 2*USB 500 mA output 2*USB 500 mA output
Availability available in planning stage in planning stage


From a single school to the whole community.

School electrification with fosera LSHS is the ideal way to foster rural village development. Next to better learning conditions and the opportunity for adult education in the evenings, the LSHS solar systems installed at schools, make solar systems tangible for rural villagers. This means that without beeing threatend by actual personal involvement and epenses, people can experience the benefits of a solar system under real life conditions. Moreover, unlike traditional solar systems, the LSHS is affordable even for low-income households.